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Nova Luz

Light and Turn Signal Switches

The light switches and levers are essential components that allow for the activation and control of a vehicle's lights, including headlights and turn signals. They are designed to provide smooth and precise operation, enabling easy adjustment of lighting settings according to road conditions.

These components are typically designed to last the lifespan of the vehicle. However, like any other component, light switches and turn signal levers can experience wear and tear or fail completely due to various factors. If your car lights are not functioning correctly or are intermittent, or if you have difficulty operating the controls, it may be an indicator that it's time to replace your light switch.

At Nova Luz, we understand the importance of having functional lighting components in a vehicle, and that's why we offer only reliable solutions for the lighting system.

Trust Nova Luz to ensure the durability and safety of your vehicle's lighting system with our switches, light levers, and turn signals. Ensure full control over your vehicle's lighting—choose Nova Luz!

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