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Keep your car always secure

Door locks and the lock cylinder have been integral parts of cars since the advent of enclosed cabins. A closable door prevents the car and personal belongings from being stolen. What began with very simple solutions has evolved into complex and intricate designs with many features.

Components of door locks and the lock cylinder

The car door lock consists of a rotating cylinder that opens and closes using pins and levers. The moving parts inside the cylinder are made of cast aluminum and plastic. The cylinder is designed in such a way that it can only be opened with a key with a specific, unique profile.

In modern vehicles, the manual lock system is complemented by a radio remote control. Furthermore, the door lock and cylinder in modern vehicles not only act on individual locking but also on all other doors through a centralized locking system. Modern central locking systems are electronic and therefore very easy to control from a technical standpoint. Older vehicles were often equipped with pneumatic central locking systems.

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