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The airbag tape is a crucial component in ensuring your safety in the event of a car accident. This is because, upon impact, it is this piece that will deploy the airbag in case it is needed.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have some knowledge about this tape and understand when it is time for its replacement.

How does the airbag work?

The airbag's airbags are connected to the car's speed system. When an impact occurs, the vehicle decelerates rapidly, causing this accessory to inflate very quickly!

To give you an idea, it can inflate 30 airbags in just 1 second!

Why shouldn't we put our feet on the car dashboard?

Even if you feel the urge to stretch your legs on a long trip, it's best not to do it.

In the event of an impact, the airbag inflates and, if your legs are on top of it, it will push your legs towards your body and cause serious injuries.

Can the airbag fail?

It depends! The airbag's airbag will only fail to inflate if there is a poor connection with the airbag tape. Therefore, it is always important to stay alert to the condition of your vehicle's tape.

When should I replace the airbag tape?

If the airbag tape has issues, it will be indicated on your vehicle's dashboard. This warning sign is usually similar to an icon of a person sitting down with a ball near their lap.

You may also receive a message alerting you to a malfunction or problem with the airbag. Each vehicle has its own way of displaying these warnings, so if in doubt, it is always best to consult the vehicle's manual.

Another sign that your vehicle may indicate the need to replace the airbag tape is when some electrical components are not functioning. It could be the multimedia system, the car horn, the cruise control, or even the sound system. In some models, the airbag tape helps control these accessories, did you know that?

What should you do when the airbag tape has issues?

The ideal solution is to take your car to a trusted mechanic or shop. Only they have the proper tools and knowledge to assess your tape and determine whether it needs repair or if a new airbag tape needs to be purchased.

If you need to buy a new airbag tape, pay close attention to the make and year of your vehicle! This is where Nova Luz comes in, offering repair and installation services for airbag tapes and providing guidance so that you can purchase from a reputable store specializing in airbag tapes for various brands and models.

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Clock Spring Airbag FIAT 500X / JEEP Renegade

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FIAT 500X (334) (Ano de construção 09.2014 - ..., 95 - 184 CV, Diesel, Gasolina, Gasolina/elétrico, Gasolina/gas (GPL))


JEEP Renegade SUV (BU, B1) (Ano de construção 07.2014 - ..., 95 - 240 CV, Diesel, Gasolina, Gasolina/elétrico)

JEEP Compass (MP, M6) (Ano de construção 12.2016 - ..., 120 - 240 CV, Diesel, Gasolina, Gasolina/elétrico)

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